“Will it hurt?”

Often people have negative associations with needles related to experiences of hypodermic needled at the doctor’s office. The needles used in acupuncture are comparatively very small and subsequently have a much smaller impact. Many people do not feel the needles being inserted at all, or may experience a brief, mild sensation akin to a bug bite. Occasionally, when obtaining the vital energy, a stronger sensation is experienced very briefly. Most people report a greater feeling of peace and well being upon insertion of the needles.

“Are the needles safe?”

All needles used are brand new, sterile, and are disposed of after one use.

“What is that incense smell?”

If appropriate, I may use moxa during a treatment. Moxa is an herb used to warm and energize acupuncture points. It is made into small cones and burned near acupuncture points in order to stimulate more vital energy. It has been used in acupuncture for thousands of years. You are not required to have moxa if you do not want to, but most people report feeling more relaxed and energized as well as greater pain relief after having moxa in a treatment.

“How many treatments will I need?”

Because healthcare is very individual there is no one answer to how many sessions it will take to reach you health goals. I usually suggest coming in once a week for three weeks initially. At the end of the three weeks we both usually have a good idea of how your progress is going and can make a plan at that time to reach your health goals. Some may need continued weekly appointments and others only need occasional maintenance after that time.

“Will acupuncture interfere with my Western medical therapies or prescriptions?”

Acupuncture is a terrific complementary medicine. It works very well with other modalities, often enhancing their results. You can safely receive acupuncture along with physical therapy, massage, chiropractic, chemotherapy and radiation, pre and postoperative care and most other therapies. It will not interfere with your prescription medications and sometimes even reduces or eliminates the need for certain medications.

“Do You Take Insurance?”


Currently we do not accept any insurance. While we know this is a great inconvienence for some people we find that taking insurance greatly decreases our ability to focus on giving comprehensive healthcare. At this time there are very few insurance companies that will pay for acupuncture services, so we do not have many claims to process. Further, we do not like or want to work under many of the regulations that insurance companies force us to accept. We believe the best health decisions are made between a health provider and their client, not by insurance regulators who stipulate just what conditions and care a patient can receive if the provider wants to get paid for their services. Chinese medicine looks at the whole picture of health and well being including psychological and spiritual heath as well as physical and the treatments we give are very personalized and focus on bringing balance to your entire system.

Working with insurance companies costs a great deal in both time and financial effort. We are a small practice, dedicated to giving holistic and personalized medicine. We find that our clients feel that they are getting a great value for the kind of care that they receive and appreciate how we are different from the Western medical system. In order to give that kind of care we would rather put our time and energy into our clients and not their insurance companies.

We know that not everyone feels that they can afford acupuncture services, and we are truly sorry if anyone feels excluded based on finances. We also believe that good health is an investment and that our clients find great value in the care they receive. Having a health professional who spends time listening to all of your concerns in an unhurried environment, who can often connect the dots between seemingly unrelated conditions in order to find the root cause of ill health, is an invaluable resource.

For a humerus and unfortunately accurate description of how the health insurance billing works click here.


“How do I make an appointment?”

Please call or send me a message. I am in the office Tuesdays and Thursdays. Remember to leave your name, number and a good time to reach you if you would like me to call, or just message me and I will return your message via e-mail. I look forward to speaking with you.

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