Welcome to Elemental Wellness.

Are you lost on the path to finding your life purpose? Do you feel overwhelmed with the mundane? Does your daily life feel like a struggle? Does your capacity for joy, awe, curiosity, and sense of belonging feel diminished? How much do you suffer from reluctance to step into your most authentic self?

Elemental Wellness takes ancient wisdom and delivers it with modern sensibility. My offerings are rooted in Chinese Medicine using principles of acupuncture, techniques from medical QiGong and sprinkled in with Vedic and Daoist mysticism. They are balanced with meditations, EFT, creative expressive arts, astrology, ancestral work, feng shui and other practices I have found to be powerful allies to healing in both my personal and professional practices.

I have over two decades experience with Chinese medicine, a Bachelors of Fine Arts, a Masters of Acupuncture, a doctorate in Medical QiGong. I have a passion for guiding sensitive beings who have lost touch with their inner knowing, to trust their innate wisdom, embody resilient self love and awaken to the magic within.